Paper ID


Session 1: Motion Planning, Control and Navigation I

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Leonardo Bobadilla 


Chao Liu and Mark Yim

A Quadratic Programming Approach to Modular Robot Control and Motion Planning


Neset Unver Akmandor and Taskin Padir

A 3D Reactive Navigation Algorithm for Mobile Robots by Using Tentacle-Based Sampling


Fedor Ilitchev and Doron Nussbaum

Catching a Robot Intruder with Limited Information


Nam Tran, Jie Ying Wu, Anton Deguet and Peter Kazanzides

A Deep Learning Approach to Intrinsic Force Sensing on the da Vinci Surgical Robot


Richa Varma, Chris Melville, Claudio Pinello and Tuhin Sahai

Post Quantum Secure Command and Control of Mobile Agents : Inserting quantum-resistant encryption schemes in the Secure Robot Operating System

Session 2: Human-Robot Interaction I

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Jun Takamatsu


Yun-Hsuan Su, Yana Sosnovskaya, Blake Hannaford and Kevin Huang

Securing Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery through Perception Complementarities


Yun-Hsuan Su, Adnan Munawar, Anton Deguet, Andrew Lewis, Kyle Lindgren, Yangming Li, Russell H. Taylor, Gregory S. Fischer, Blake Hannaford and Peter Kazanzides

Collaborative Robotics Toolkit (CRTK): Open Software Framework for Surgical Robotics Research


Peng Chang and Taskin Padir

Sim2Real2Sim: Bridging the Gap Between Simulation and Real-World in Flexible Object Manipulation


Zainab Al-Qurashi and Brian Ziebart

Recurrent Neural Networks for Hierarchically Mapping Human-Robot Poses

Session 3: Motion Planning, Control and Navigation II (short paper: 12 mins/paper)

Session Chair: 

Richa Varma


Pedro Miguel Uriguen Eljuri, Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Nishanth Koganti, Jun Takamatsu and Tsukasa Ogasawara

Combining Symbolic and Motion Planners for Rearranging Tasks in Daily-life Environments


Lhilo Kenye, Mehul Arora, Rahul Kala, Rishitha Palugulla, Bharath Bhat and Abhijeet Nayak

Re-localization for Self-Driving Cars using Semantic Maps


Tauhidul Alam, Alexander Campaneria, Mathew Silva, Leonardo Bobadilla and Gabriel A. Weaver

Coastal Infrastructure Monitoring through Heterogeneous Autonomous Vehicles


Tauhidul Alam, Logan Gandy, Leonardo Bobadilla and Ryan N. Smith

Synergistic AUV Navigation through Deployed Surface Buoys

87 Darío Javier Guevara Proaño and Fernando Auat CheeinDarío Javier Guevara Proaño and Fernando Auat CheeinCluster-based scan registration for vehicle localization in urban environments

Session 4: Manipulation and Multi-Robot Systems I

(full paper: 20 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

 Taskin Padir


Gao Ziyan, Armagan Elibol and Nakyoung Chong

Non-Prehensile Manipulation Learning through Self-Supervision


Akiya Yasuda, Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Jun Takamatsu and Tsukasa Ogasawara

Packing Planning and Execution Considering Arrangement Rules


Nantawat Pinkam, Armagan Elibol and Nak Young Chong

Informative Mobile Robot Exploration for Radiation Source Localization with a Particle Filter


John Ericksen, Abhinav Aggarwal, Matthew Fricke and Melanie Moses

LOCUS: A Multi-Robot Loss-Tolerant Algorithm for Surveying Volcanic Plumes

Session 5:  Motion Planning, Control and Navigation III

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Nuno Macedo 


Naoki Shirakura, Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Jun Takamatsu and Tsukasa Ogasawara

Design of the Reusable Controller for Pushing Unliftable Objects Using a Multicopter


Shan-Ling Chen, Chia-Wei Jen, Shang-Chih Lin, Zheng-Long Lin, Yennun Huang and Shun-Feng Su

A Vision-based Dual-axis Positioning System with YOLOv4 and Improved Genetic Algorithms


Adam Seewald, Hector Garcia de Marina, Henrik Skov Midtiby and Ulrik Pagh Schultz

Mechanical and Computational Energy Estimation of a Fixed-Wing Drone


Bernd Kast, Philipp Sebastian Schmitt, Sebastian Albrecht, Wendelin Feiten and Jianwei Zhang

Hierarchical Planner with Composable Action Models for Asynchronous Parallelization of Tasks and Motions

Session 6:  Human-Robot Interaction II

(short paper: 12 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Nikolay Bratovanov 


Bing-Xian Lu, Ji-Jie Wu, Yu-Chung Tsai, Wan-Ting Jiang and Kuo-Shih Tseng

A Novel Telerobotic Search System using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Urban B. Himmelsbach and Thomas M. Wendt

Built-In 360 Degree Separation Monitoring for Grippers on Robotic Manipulators in Human-Robot Collaboration


Carlos Medina Sánchez, Jesús Capitán, Matteo Zella and Pedro J. Marron

Point-Cloud Fast Filter for People Detection with Indoor Service Robots


Hebah Elgibreen, Sumayah Almazyad, Shahad Bin Shuail, Miad Al Qahtani and Latifah Alhwiseen

Robot Framework for Anti-Bullying in Saudi Schools


Alwin Hoffmann, Ludwig Naegele and Wolfgang Reif

How to find assembly plans (fast) - Hierarchical state space partitioning for efficient multi-robot assembly

Session 7: Robot Simulation I

(short paper: 12 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Bernd Kast 


Felix SetionoArmagan Elibol and Nak-Young Chong

Human Emotional State Estimation Evaluation using Heart Rate Variability and Activity Data


Tommy Sugiarto, Chun-Lung Hsu, Chi-Tien Sun, Shu-Hao Ye, Kuan-Ting Lu and Wei-Chun Hsu

Head Orientation Prediction Based on Deep Learning on sEMG for Low-Latency Virtual Reality Application


Mohamed A. AbdelhadyDouwe Dresscher and Jan F. Broenink

Reuse-oriented SLAM Framework using Software Product Lines


Ainur Begalinova, Ross D King, Barry Lennox and Riza Batista-Navarro

Self-supervised learning of object slippage: An LSTM-based model trained on low-cost tactile sensors


Alexandre Frantz and Denis Zampunieris

Separation of Concerns Within Robotic Systems Through Proactive Computing

Session 8: Manipulation and Multi-Robot Systems II

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair: 

Hebah ELGibreen


Dongyoon Shin, Hyeji Kim, Jihyuk Gong, Uijeong Jeong, Yeeun Jo and Eric Matson

Stealth UAV through Coandă Effect


Alexander Julian Golkowski, Marcus Handte, Peter Roch and Pedro José Marrón

Quantifying the Impact of the Physical Setup of Stereo Camera Systems on Distance Estimations


Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas, Rafael Herguedas, Miguel Aranda and Youcef Mezouar

Simultaneous shape control and transport with multiple robots


Felix Keppler, Sebastian Wagner and Klaus Janschek

SAFESTOP: Disturbance Handling in Prioritized Multi-robot Trajectory Planning

Session 9: Robot Simulation II

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Jan Broenink 


Michael Riedl and Dominik Henrich

Scalable Visual Representation of Sensor-Based, Nested Robot Programs


Hugo Pacheco and Nuno Macedo

ROSY: An elegant language to teach the pure reactive nature of robot programming


Andrew Murtagh, Patrick Lynch and Conor McGinn

Presenting Botmark: a Computer Benchmark for Service Robotics


Davide Brugali

Runtime reconfiguration of robot control systems: a ROS-based case study


Clément Robert, Jérémie Guiochet and Hélène Waeselynck

Testing a non-deterministic robot in simulation - How many repeated runs ?

Session 10: Manipulation and Multi-Robot Systems III

(short paper: 12 mins/paper)

Session Chair: 

Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas


Cheng-Yi Su, Chao-Chung Peng, Ankit A. Ravankar and Abhijeet Ravankar

Dynamics Modelling and Parameter Identification of a Reaction Wheel Based Pendulum


Nanami Ohnuki, Yuta FurudateSadayoshi Mikami, Kaori Chiba and Yuji Ishida

Automated Voluntary Finger Lifting Rehabilitation Support Device for Hemiplegic Patients to Use at Home


Sergei Savin, Oleg Balakhnov and Alexandr Klimchik

Energy-based local forward and inverse kinematics methods for tensegrity robots


Nikolay Bratovanov and Zlatko Sotirov

Virtualization for the Purposes of Modeling and Computer Simulation of a Class of Overconstrained Robots


Martin Schörner, Constantin Wanninger, Alwin Hoffmann, Oliver Kosak, Hella Ponsar and Wolfgang Reif

Modeling and Execution of Coordinated Missions in Reconfigurable Robot Ensembles


Georgios Zamanakos, Adam Seewald, Henrik Midtiby and Ulrik Schultz

Energy-Sensitive Vision-Based Autonomous Tracking and Landing of a UAV

Invited Paper Session

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Luca Muratore 


Hoang-Dung Bui, Hai Nguyen, Hung La and Shuai Li

A Deep Learning-Based Autonomous Robot Manipulator for Sorting Application


Ashutosh Singandhupe and Hung La

MCC-EKF for Autonomous Car Security


Riccardo Monica, Jacopo Aleotti and Dario Lodi Rizzini

Detection of Parcel Boxes for Pallet Unloading Using a 3D Time-of-Flight Industrial Sensor


Filippo Vella, Agnese Augello, Ignazio Infantino, Salvatore Gaglio, Umberto Maniscalco and Giovanni Pilato

An Artificial Soft Somatosensory System for a Cognitive Robot

Session 11: Machine Learning

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Riccardo Monica 


Hoang Tung Dinh and Tom Holvoet

Verifying autonomous decision making against environment assumptions: An experience report


Paul Gautier, Johann Laurent and Jean-Philippe Diguet

Comparison of Market-based and DQN methods for Multi-Robot processing Task Allocation (MRpTA)


Alexander Poeppel, Alwin Hoffmann and Wolfgang Reif

Robust Distance Estimation of Capacitive Proximity Sensors in HRI using Neural Networks


Davide Corsi, Enrico Marchesini, Alessandro Farinelli and Paolo Fiorini

Formal Verification for Safe Deep Reinforcement Learning in Trajectory Generation


Lei Shi, Cosmin Copot and Steve Vanlanduit

A Deep Regression Model for Safety Control in Visual Servoing Applications

Session 12:  Sensor Fusion and Integration

(full paper: 15 mins/paper)

Session Chair: 

Filippo Vella


Mojtaba Karimi, Edwin Babaians, Martin Oelsch, Tamay Aykut and Eckehard Steinbach

Skewed-redundant Hall-effect Magnetic Sensor Fusion for Perturbation-free Indoor Heading Estimation


Dorian Rohner and Dominik Henrich

Using Active Vision for Enhancing an Surface-based Object Recognition Approach


Enrico Schröder, Mirko Mählisch, Julien Vitay and Fred Hamker

Monocular 3D Object Detection using Feature Map Transformation: Towards learning perspective-invariant scene representations


Fabian Duerr, Hendrik Weigel, Mirko Maehlisch and Juergen Beyerer

Iterative Deep Fusion for 3D Semantic Segmentation


Micaela Verucchi, Luca Bartoli, Fabio Bagni, Francesco Gatti, Paolo Burgio and Marko Bertogna

Real-Time clustering and LiDAR-camera fusion on embedded platforms for self-driving cars

Poster Session I

Session Chair: 

Chun-Ming Chang


Jian Li, Yiyao Zhu, Langcheng Huo and Yongquan Chen

Sample-efficient learning of soft priorities for safe control with constrained Bayesian optimization


Myoungjin Song, Miran Lee, Young-Dae Hong and Bumjoo Lee

Analytical Differentiation of Manipulator Jacobian


Jyi-Shane Liu and Wei-Chao Chang

Vision-based Drone Navigation for Orbital Inspection of Pole-like Objects


Naoki Shirakura, Takuya Kiyokawa, Hikaru Kumamoto, Jun Takamatsu and Tsukasa Ogasawara

Semi-automatic Collection of Marine Debris by Collaborating UAV and UUV


Digesh Chitrakar, Rahul Mitra and Kevin Huang

Haptic Interface for Hexapod Gait Execution


Jesse Leaman and Hung La

The Intelligent Power Wheelchair Upgrade Kit

Poster Session II

Session Chair: 

Chun-Ming Chang


Gabriele Bolano, Arne Roennau and Ruediger Dillmann

Planning and Evaluation of Robotic Solutions in a Logistic Line Through Augmented Reality


Simon Janzon, Carlos Medina Sánchez, Matteo Zella and Pedro José Marrón

Person Re-Identification in Human Following Scenarios: An Experience with RGB-D Cameras


Pascal Becker, Niklas Spielbauer, Arne Roennau and Rüdiger Dillmann

Real-Time In-Situ Process Error Detection in Additive Manufacturing


Adriana Bono, Agnese Augello, Giovanni Pilato and Salvatore Gaglio

Exploiting Cognitive Architectures to design Storytelling Activities for NarRob


Miguel Campusano, Niels Heltner, Niclas Mølby, Kjeld Jensen and Ulrik Pagh Schultz

Towards Declarative Specification of Multi-Drone BVLOS Missions for UTM

Workshop ERRoSS

(12 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Bernhard Dieber 

First International Workshop on Engineering Resilient Robot Software Systems


Víctor Mayoral Vilches

Industrial robot ransomware: Akerbeltz


Guido Breitenhuber

Towards application level testing of ROS Networks


Floris Erich and Noriaki Ando

Testudine, a Graphical User Interface for Physical Integration

Workshop NFCR

(12 mins/paper)

Session Chair:

Fabio Persia 

Fourth International Workshop on New Frontiers in Computational Robotics


Kazuhiko Takahashi

Remarks on Adaptive Compensator with Quaternion Neural Network in Computed Torque Control


Fabio Persia, Daniela D'Auria and Giovanni Pilato

Fast Learning and Prediction of Event Sequences in a Robotic System

Workshop CHARMS

(12 mins/paper)

Session Chair: 

Eric T. Matson

6th Workshop on Collaboration of Humans, Agents, Robots, Machines and Sensors


Dana Utebayeva, Manal Alduraibi, Lyazzat Ilipbayeva, Yelmurat Temirgaliyev and Akhan Almagambetov

Multi-label UAV sound classification using Stacked Bidirectional LSTM


Hyeonae Jang and Eric Matson

Partner Selection for Agents: A Utility Theory Approach


Ulzhalgas Seidaliyeva, Manal Alduraibi, Lyazzat Ilipbayeva and Nurzhigit Smailov

Deep residual neural network-based classification of loaded and unloaded UAV images


Dana Utebayeva, Manal Alduraibi, Yelmurat Temirgaliyev, Lyazzat Ilipbayeva and Sungat Marxuly

Stacked BiLSTM - CNN for Multiple label UAV sound classification


Hyeonjun Park, Bumjoo Lee and Donghan Kim

Design of Modular End-effector for Collaborative Robot based on Underactuated Mechanism


Sangheum Lee, Harin Kim, Hyeonjun Park, Taeyang Gwon and Donghan Kim

Real-Time Joint Torque Estimation on Embedded system using EMG and Artificial Neural Network for Exoskeleton Robot


Pengcheng Ma and Qian Gao

Context Aware Feature Interaction based Recommendation System


Ulzhalgas Seidaliyeva, Manal Alduraibi, Lyazzat Ilipbayeva and Akhan Almagambetov

Loaded and unloaded UAV detection using deep neural network


Youlim Ko, Kar Ee Ho, Minji Lee and Eric Matson

UAV Threat Level Assessment based on the Velocity and Distance from Collision


Zahra Ghorrati

A New Adaptive Learning algorithm to train Feed-Forward Multi-layer Neural Networks, Applied on Function Approximation


Shulin Li, Eric Matson, John Springer and Anthony Smith

Applying a Multiagent Approach to Track UAV Movement


Adam Zielonka, Andrzej Sikora and Marcin Woźniak

Data system model for easy human-machine interactions over communication interfaces